Mídia Digital Ooh, Mídia Off, Ooh Rio

Anywhere, everywhere and on the road, the urban media.

Gable Digital Led – Leblon, South Zone of Rio – Class A.

Anywhere, everywhere and on the road, the urban media consecrates itself to serve the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, Capital, Metropolitan Region, Lakes Region, Serran, and interior, in addition to the other major Brazilian capitals: such as São Paulo, Brasília , Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Goias, Bahia etc.
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Mega Digital Led Panel – Barra da Tijuca – Cidade das Artes (3) Panels, being installed, one in each direction to access the city of the arts.
Digital Led panels on the back of Newsstands – Rio, Cento, South Zone, Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, North Zone, Airports.
TruckLed Circling or stopped with sound
Formats: 16.5 m2, 13.10 m2, 9m2, bus with 240 inches of LED, double sided, sound cars, bikedoor.
bus with two screens of 240 inches, one on each side, stopped or circulating. Option with booth for up to 8 event promoters, option to open the ceiling for the stage and sound system with capacity to reach up to 1,000 people.

Led Bolt – Formato 15.36 x 3.92m = 60,2 m2

Led Bolt
– Formato 15.36 x 3.92m = 60,2 m2Circuito: São Conrado Asa Delta Leblon Posto 12 Ipanema Posto 10 – Arpoador Copacabana Casino Atlâtico Leme Opposite Rua Princesa Isabel Recreio Posto 10 Barra da Tijuca Posto 8 – Posto 5 – Pêpe
led boat, circulating on the fringes of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Wonderful city.
clients such as Globo Play, Amazon, Vivo, Tim, Claro, Google, Sansung, Lg among other major brands.
Led panels of Flamengo Futebol stadium,
Mega Digital Led, next to the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, through the passage of thousands of vehicles and people.
Digital media led maracã central ring
Digital led outdoor application cars – pragmatic media – the program inserts the vignette only when the car is in a chosen place according to the customer’s segmentation

http://www.midiaurbana.blog | http://www.midiaurbanaexterior.com

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